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A Day in the Life of a Sales Manager at Harry's Home

Introducing Anni Ye, a dynamic 32-year-old sales manager who has ascended the ranks at Harry's Home. Her journey, starting as a front office manager in 2016 and navigating through various roles and a maternity leave break, has led her to a pivotal position managing corporate clients and endorsing the adoption of Thynk, the next-generation hotel management software.

Day In The Life - Anni

Starting the day right

Anni starts her days early, leveraging the flexibility of working remotely to manage her busy schedule as a professional and a mother. Mornings begin with Thynk, where she organizes tasks and plans her day. "Thynk's task function is my go-to first thing in the morning," Anni shares, highlighting how it transforms her approach to daily priorities.

"Before, I just used a blank sheet of paper to write down my to-dos. And now, since I'm using Thynk, I'm more organized. It's easier for me to get things done by the deadline."

The heart of operations

Throughout her day, Anni interacts heavily with Thynk. Whether she's emailing, creating new accounts, or preparing contracts, Thynk is central to every action. "Tracking activities is crucial in our sales team. Thynk allows us to maintain visibility on all engagements, ensuring continuity even when team members are unavailable," explains Anni.

From stone age to digital mastery

Reflecting on the past, Anni describes their previous tech stack as "Stone Age," reliant on cumbersome Excel sheets that made reporting nearly impossible. Thynk opened a new world for us," Anni enthuses. From tracking to reporting, everything is simpler, customizable, and just a few clicks away!"

Revolutionizing documentation with Thynk

Contract generation before Thynk

The process was notably manual and time-consuming. This method required meticulous attention to detail and presented significant risks. Contracts saved on individual computers could be lost or inaccessible to others, causing potential disruptions if the responsible team member was unavailable. It's vital for us to always work and communicate hand in hand with each other, which Thynk has made much easier.

Contract generation with Thynk

The introduction of Thynk has simplified and accelerated the contract process. Anni explains, "Now, the contract creation is integrated within Thynk. We simply input the varying details for each client, such as price or cancellation conditions. At the same time, the main information is automatically populated." This shift has significantly reduced the time to create a contract from 10-15 minutes to mere seconds, allowing Anni to focus on more value-added tasks.

What truly sets Thynk apart is its centralized storage capability. Anni highlights, "We no longer have to save contracts on our computers. Everything is stored in Thynk, making it accessible to anyone in our team, anywhere." This change addresses the previous challenges of lost or inaccessible documents. The team can now view a client's communication history, including emails, calls, contract send-outs, and payment details, all within Thynk.

Customization and continuous improvement

Thynk isn't just a tool; it's a continuously evolving platform that adapts to Harry's Home's needs. "It's never perfect, and that's the beauty of it. We can add or change features as our needs evolve," Anni points out. This flexibility has allowed her to tailor the software to their precise requirements, enhancing functionality and efficiency.

Boosting collaboration and productivity

Even from home, Anni maintains a strong collaboration with her colleagues. While communication is primarily through Microsoft Teams, Thynk's shared tasks and activity tracking enhance teamwork and accountability. She highlights how Thynk has fostered a more collaborative and productive work environment.

Anni's love for collaboration
is evident. She underscores its importance in achieving higher productivity and better results. She values her colleagues' input: "We work very closely together, with Sabrina Moser, Head of Sales, and Katharina Schöche, Assistant Head of Sales. Their ideas and input have been invaluable. Everyone on the team brings good ideas, and when we combine them, everything falls into place perfectly," she emphasizes.

Challenges and opportunities

Despite the benefits, Anni acknowledges challenges like integrating client data from their property management system (PMS), Mews, into Thynk for seamless productivity tracking. However, these are seen not as obstacles but as opportunities for further refinement and learning.

A transformative tool

Anni's advocacy for Thynk is unwavering, especially for new hospitality service users. She passionately asserts.


Innovation and efficiency in hotel sales management

Anni's day as a sales manager at Harry's Home is diverse and demanding. Yet, with Thynk, she navigates these challenges with grace and efficiency, proving the right tools can make all the difference. Her story is not just about managing hotel sales; it's about embracing innovation, adapting to change, and always striving for improvement.

Join us next time as we explore the lives of those who rely on Thynk to make every day at work easier, more connected, and more productive.

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A Day in the Life of a Hotel Sales Manager Using Thynk
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