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Case Study

How Harry's Home Streamline Operations and Boost Efficiencies with Thynk

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Harry's Home, a rapidly expanding hotel chain across Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, faced significant challenges with operational efficiency, particularly in technology and staff productivity. With its unique offerings of flexible, modular booking systems and an emphasis on both corporate and family travelers, Harry's Home has been growing steadily, even doubling its size during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as they grew, they faced challenges in their operations, particularly in the areas of technology and staff efficiency. 

Florian Ultsch, Business Development Head, shares insights into overcoming these hurdles through their partnership with Thynk.


Challenge: overcoming technological hurdles

"As we were expanding, it was crucial to optimize our processes," Florian explains. "We were way back when it came to the industry on the topic of digitalization. I think a lot happened during the pandemic, but the whole guest journey and digitalization could be so much further if it weren't for bureaucracy and outdated systems." 

Florian recalls an instance where an outdated check-in system impeded a receptionist's ability to engage with guests, illustrating the need for an upgrade “I can't forget it because it was incredible." Enter Thynk, armed with their Salesforce-powered solution tailored for the hospitality industry. 

Solution: Thynk's Salesforce powered innovation

After exploring several options, Harry's Home selected Thynk for its robust Salesforce foundation, enhancing data quality, team efficiency, and reporting capabilities. "Choosing Thynk, with its Salesforce integration, marked a pivotal shift in our operations," Florian notes. This move eliminated the need for manual data entry, significantly boosting efficiency.

Results: increased efficiency and insight-driven decision-making

Post-implementation, the hotel saw noticeable improvements. "Our productivity saw huge improvements, for example, how many sales activities my team does on a weekly basis, etc. We are able to stay up to date with our clients needs and trends. For instance, as soon as a client reduces its activity, we instantly see that and can act on it," says Florian.

Florian adds. "Thynk saves our team hours, and when it comes to sales work, we're getting rid of all the dull work and can focus on driving activity".


Key results included:

  • Two-Way Integrations: Thynk provided seamless, two-way integrations with existing tools and systems at Harry's Home Hotels. This "out-of-the-box" feature made the transition smoother and led to immediate efficiency gains.
  • Focus on Profit per Space: Thynk’s solution offered real-time analytics that helped the management optimize room pricing strategies and resource allocation. This led to a considerable increase in profit margins, measured on a per-space basis.
  • Staff Motivation: Thynk introduced a gamified approach for staff, offering performance metrics and rewards through Salesforce. This significantly improved morale and motivated the team to excel in their tasks.
  • Cost Optimization: The analytics offered by the Salesforce-powered Thynk system helped Harry's Home Hotels understand where costs could be cut without sacrificing service quality. This, in turn, optimized the cost of operations.
  • Impact on Staff and Guest Relations: According to Florian, Thynk has a direct impact on guest relations by automating mundane tasks, allowing the front office to focus more on welcoming guests. "The reduction of dull work allows the team to focus more on the guest service," he explains.


Future prospects and conclusion

Looking ahead, Florian envisions a continued collaboration with Thynk, aiming for further system enhancements and efficiency gains. "Our journey with Thynk is an evolving partnership, marked by constant innovation," he concludes.

By solving the intricate challenges facing Harry's Home Hotels, Thynk showcased how a tailored, Salesforce-powered solution could lead to operational excellence in the hotel industry.

For those in the hospitality industry facing similar challenges, Thynk and Harry's Home partnership offers a valuable case study in the effectiveness of embracing modern, integrated solutions.

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