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Discover Thynk, the ultimate tool for effortlessly managing group bookings, system integration, and contract management, tailored for the dynamic hospitality industry.


Thynk is trusted globally by more than 2,500 hoteliers

Discover all the benefits of Thynk for Management Companies

Effortless group booking & execution for hotels and venues

Why Thynk?

Elevate your operations. Elevate your guest experience. Join Thynk today.

Thynk's cutting-edge technology empowers hoteliers and event planners to excel in a rapidly changing business environment. As travel evolves we anticipate the need for flexibility and adaptability.

Our system's capabilities cater to diverse travel use cases, while also serving as a comprehensive system of record, ensuring accurate data and detailed reporting for maximizing profits.

Our Solutions

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Hotel Groups

Hotel Groups

Thynk technology is designed for the hospitality industry and combines the power of Salesforce’s CRM with ready-to-use hospitality modules. The solution delivers properties the ability to power guest and account record consistency, full sales cycle and billing automation, and customized reporting to understand contract profitability and guest LTV.

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From tracking short-term and extended stays to blocking leased units, along with all group and corporate sales needs - managing one to many unit types is fully supported on Thynk's hospitality platform, developed on Salesforce Lighting CRM.

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