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Thynk.Cloud is Rebranding

Today we are introducing a new brand identity for Thynk.Cloud to better represent who we are, what we do, and how we do it. The old THYNK logo was an incomplete circle and generally represented the beginning as we embarked on this journey to bring agility to the hospitality industry.  We have grown a community around this brand over the last two years with amazing customers and partners.  You could say we are now closing the loop.  Our team has grown, our capabilities have matured and our customers have thrived even amidst a pandemic


Why Has Thynk.Cloud Rebranded?

Well, you would not have your 3-year-old wear clothes meant for a newborn.  They would not fit them at their stage of growth.

Thynk.Cloud has been wearing the same clothes since 2019 and we have grown a lot in such a short period in many ways. So what do our new clothes look like?


What Brand Elements Are Changing In Thynk.Cloud?

The following branding elements are changing:

  • The logo
  • The colors
  • The fonts
  • The layout
  • The illustration style

In other words, every brand element is changing, which makes this a complete rebrand.

Nothing else is changing except the elements listed above.

What Does The New Thynk.Cloud Logo Mean?

Our new logo represents how our team approaches problem-solving, how we have and will continue to make an impact in the hospitality industry, and how we have gained strength and stability through the amazing partnerships with our existing customers.

  • The box at the end of the logo represents thinking outside the box and promoting innovation.
  • The style of the logo indicates minimalism and simplicity. The bold accent contrasts the simplicity to represent how we deliver solutions to complex problems through innovation.

What’s Next for the Thynk.Cloud Rebrand?

The visual identity introduced today is a foundation that better conveys the message and mission of our company. We have already rebranded our website, but there are still other assets and product updates to ensure we have a single and consistent identity throughout your experience with us.

Moving forward, we will rebrand all our existing assets and any new asset will use the new brand identity.

Check out the changes to our website!

Tell us what you think, we love feedback.  Help us continue to grow and share it with us.

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