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Thynk and Knowland Partner to Expand the Hospitality Ecosystem

Knowland, the world’s leading provider of data-as-a-service insights on meetings and events for hospitality, and Thynk, provider of the next-generation hospitality commercial platform powered by Salesforce, announced today a strategic partnership to connect the hospitality technology ecosystem better.


The partnership will integrate data from Thynk's hospitality CRM solution with Knowland’s world-class meetings and events database for Knowland and Thynk customers. The collaboration of these two solutions will enable sellers to work smarter and faster while making significant market share gains. By better understanding what meeting and event opportunities to target, hoteliers can optimize the sales process, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals.


The Knowland and Thynk collaboration will deliver sales efficiency and performance benefits to the hospitality industry in these areas:

  • Optimizing data and enhancing quality—When hotels enable the delivery of sales and event data from Thynk directly into the robust Knowland database, the event information is instantly available to supplement market data and enhance account profiles. This, in turn, informs sales teams and improves decision-making outcomes.
  •   Improving efficiency and sales productivity—By leveraging the combined power of the Thynk/Knowland integration, sales teams will gain seamless access to meeting and event data, ensuring productivity and data consistency for all parties.

Knowland and Thynk will host a joint webinar “How collaborative data drives new revenue” on April 11th  at 11a.m. ET to showcase the benefits of account-based selling for hotel meetings and events.


“Expanding Knowland’s data-driven analytics platform with rich data like Thynk provides is a key pillar for enriching our dataset.
As we continue to strengthen our ability to empower hospitality decision-making by delivering actionable account intelligence to fuel growth and profitability, we look forward to improving the efficiency and sales outcomes of both our clients. The first phase of our partnership will initially integrate data between the Thynk CRM system and Knowland’s world-class meetings and events database.”

Jeff Bzdawka - Headshot

Jeff Bzdawka
CEO at Knowland


"We are very excited to be working with the Knowland team. This partnership represents another important step in our growth journey, including expansion into the U.S. market.
Every partnership is unique, and we look forward to combining the power of our next-gen all-in-one hospitality platform with the data leadership from Knowland’s insights to streamline and elevate key sales processes.”

Headshot - Pascal Petit - Square

Pascal Petit
CEO and Co-Founder at Thynk


About Knowland

Knowland is the world’s leading provider of data-as-a-service insights on meetings and events for hospitality. With the industry's largest historical database of actualized events, thousands of customers trust Knowland to sell group smarter and maximize their revenue. Knowland operates globally and is headquartered just outside Washington, DC. To learn more about our solutions, visit www.knowland.com.


About Thynk

Thynk.Cloud is revolutionizing the hospitality industry by harnessing data-driven insights and customer-centricity and focusing on driving B2B and Groups and Events sales through data-driven decision-making. Our all-in-one commercial platform, powered by Salesforce, simplifies and automates hotel operations, sales, and data management. Designed by hoteliers, for hoteliers, Thynk transforms data into actionable assets, facilitating faster deal closures and impactful communication on and above property. As the next-generation hospitality cloud for operational excellence, we empower hoteliers with the agility to innovate and excel. Discover the future of hospitality at thynk.cloud

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