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Thynk Achieves Gender Parity with Appointment of Anne-Gaelle Delmond as CFO

Thynk.Cloud, a leading innovator in cloud-based solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Anne-Gaelle Delmond as its new Chief Financial Officer. This key addition marks a significant milestone for Thynk, achieving a 50/50 gender balance on its leadership team and underscoring the company's commitment to promoting women in leadership roles.

Anne-Gaelle Delmond, a seasoned finance and strategy expert, brings a wealth of experience to Thynk.Cloud. Her journey began with over six years at Roland Berger, a top-tier strategy consultancy, where she honed her skills in analytical thinking, management, and business strategy. In 2017, Anne-Gaelle joined the executive team at Papernest, contributing to its impressive growth from 80 employees to approximately 1000, expanding into five new countries, and achieving a consistent year-over-year growth rate of 100%. Under her leadership, Papernest became a part of the FT 120 selection for four consecutive years, highlighting its status as a top French startup.

Anne-Gaelle's approach combines rigorous analytical thinking with a keen understanding of business realities, management, and operational scaling. Her success at Papernest is a testament to her ability to drive growth and navigate complex financial landscapes, making her an ideal fit for Thynk's ambitious goals.


"Joining Thynk.Cloud is an exciting new chapter in my career. I'm thrilled to be part of a company that not only values innovation and growth but also seeks to gather experienced talents and empower women. I look forward to contributing to Thynk's continued success and helping to drive forward our strategy and financial performance," says Anne-Gaelle Delmond.


Thynk.Cloud's commitment to gender balance in its leadership is a reflection of its broader dedication to diversity and inclusion. The company believes that a diverse leadership team is not just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage, bringing a range of perspectives and experiences that drive innovation and business success.


"We are delighted to welcome Anne-Gaelle to our team. Her impressive track record and strategic acumen are invaluable assets to Thynk.Cloud. Achieving gender equality on our leadership team is a proud moment for us. It's a clear indication of our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  We are also proud to continue our work in 2024 with Hertelier, the online news platform that helps to enlighten and inspire women in hospitality," says Melissa Jurkoic, Thynk. Chief Experience Officer.

With Anne-Gaelle Delmond at the financial helm, Thynk is poised to continue its trajectory of growth, while embracing the power of diversity of thought to accelerate innovation. 

Thynk and Hertelier

Thynk's UK team with Hertelier's Emily Goldfisher


About Thynk

The Hospitality Cloud for Operational Excellence, Thynk.Cloud, is designed by hoteliers for hoteliers to simplify and automate sales, operations and data management. Thynk.Cloud leverages the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce®, as a platform to bring agile hospitality to the industry with a focus on driving B2B and MICE sales through data-driven decision-making. With Thynk.Cloud every process is easier, faster and fully integrated.

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