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Thynk Announces Strategic Partnership with Staypineapple

Staypineapple's President and Thynk's CEO

In a significant move to advance the integration of cloud-based technologies within the hospitality industry, Thynk is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Staypineapple, a trailblazer in providing unique guest experiences across the United States. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Staypineapple as they not only partnered with Thynk but also chose to integrate with the cutting-edge Property Management System (PMS), Mews, to overhaul their technology infrastructure.


Staypineapple, known for their innovative approach to hospitality, is taking a giant leap forward by adopting an integrated cloud model that promises to redefine guest interaction and streamline operational efficiencies. The partnership with Thynk, a leader in data-driven commercial CRM platforms, alongside the implementation of Mews’ cloud-based property management software, underscores Staypineapple's commitment to harnessing technology for enhancing guest satisfaction and driving profitability.


"Over the past several years, Staypineapple has gone through an extensive RFP process in search of new and industry-leading technology companies that will help in our vision to redefine how we interact with our guests and clients," says Steve Allison, Chief Revenue Officer at Staypineapple. "After meeting with Thynk and learning more about their data-driven approach to customer-centricity, it was clear that their platform - in connection with our current Salesforce CRM and soon-to-launch Mews property management software - aligned seamlessly with our goal to develop an industry-leading tech stack that improves guest satisfaction, reduces operational friction, and ultimately drives a more profitable organization."


Echoing the sentiment, Thynk's CEO, Pascal Petit, remarked, "Our partnership with Staypineapple is a testament to our mutual dedication to innovation and the evolution of the hospitality industry through technology. By leveraging Thynk next generation all-in-one commercial platform combined with Mews cloud PMS, Staypineapple is poised to set new benchmarks in guest engagement and operational excellence. We are excited to support Staypineapple in their journey towards becoming a technology-first hospitality brand."


As Staypineapple embarks on this exciting new chapter, the partnership with Thynk and the integration with Mews stand as a beacon of innovation, signaling a transformative shift towards a more integrated, efficient, and guest-centric hospitality industry.


About Thynk.Cloud  

The Hospitality Cloud for Operational Excellence, Thynk.Cloud, is designed by hoteliers for hoteliers to simplify and automate sales, operations, and data management. Thynk.Cloud leverages the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce®, as a platform to bring agile hospitality to the industry with a focus on driving B2B, Group, Event, and Experience sales through data-driven decision-making. With Thynk.Cloud every process is easier, faster, and fully integrated.


About Staypineapple

Staypineapple is a brand of upscale, out-of-the-ordinary boutique hotels in urban markets nationwide, managed by Staypineapple Hotels Inc., based in Bellevue, Wash. Focused on thoughtful service and design, with an uncanny knack for anticipating needs, the dog-friendly hotels wholeheartedly embrace the pineapple's symbol of hospitality and joy. For more information or to make a reservation, visit Staypineapple.com or call (866) 866-7977. Follow Staypineapple on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. 


About Staypineapple Hotels Inc.

Staypineapple Hotels Inc. is a hospitality management and licensing company most prominently known for its operation of the Staypineapple brand, a boutique hotel group with locations across the United States. Officially launched in 2023, Staypineapple Hotels Inc. is poised to expand its property management reach by bringing new hotels into the Staypineapple family. For more information or to inquire about property management services, visit Staypineapple-hotels.com or call (425) 455-5825.

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