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Case Study

How Corsendonk Hotels Simplified its Tech Stack to Improve the Customer Experience

Property of the Corsendonk Hotel Priorij

Providing character and quality for nearly 50 years

Corsendonk Hotels is a Belgium hotel group offering 447 comfortable, well-appointed rooms across five properties. The company got its start restoring the Priorij in Oud-Turnhout in the 1970s, later developing it into a recognized destination with a conference center. Today, the hotel group differentiates itself by offering properties with unique character, in locations ranging from city centers to the coast, serving corporate travelers, families, and leisure guests.

Property of the Corsendonk Hotel Duinse Polders

Managing operational information across 5 properties

Corsendonk Hotels needed a better way to manage information between properties and looked to standardize contracts and communications for consistency. To create the best possible experience for guests, the company believed in addressing internal processes to ensure operations were running smoothly. 

Restaurant at the Corsendonk Hotel Priorij

Connecting multiple properties with one system

To streamline its operations, Corsendonk Hotels desired a technology that could integrate with their property management software, Mews, and work across multiple properties. After evaluating options in the market, the company chose Thynk because of its multi-property management and integration capabilities. Thynk’s tools for budgeting and forecasting also made it seamless to monitor business costs and revenue between properties. 

Beyond addressing these key capabilities, Thynk helped the hotel chain afford additional savings. Built on Salesforce, Thynk enabled Corsendonk Hotels to get rid of a separate CRM, saving money and centralizing information in one system. Centralizing information between properties made it possible to standardize contracts and documents, giving customers a consistent guest experience regardless of where they are staying. It also made it seamless for hotel staff to see availability at the other hotels, helping them book a group at a different property if one was full. 

Property of the Corsendonk Hotel Priorij

Continuously improving the customer experience

Corsendonk Hotels strives to continuously improve the customer experience and enjoys the fact that Thynk is open to adapting workflows and finding ways to configure the platform to address their unique needs. For Corsendonk Hotels, keeping up with changing market conditions and the latest technology is key to its success and Thynk’s commitment to innovation and implementing new features is compatible with their vision.

Suite at the Corsendonk Hotel Hooge Heyde

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