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Case Study

How Thynk Helped Transform the Barrière Group's Digital Journey

Barrière Hotel in Deauville, France

Embodying French Luxury and Style for Over a Century

The Barrière Group has delighted guests for over a century with its luxurious hotels, exquisite casinos, and exceptional restaurants. From their enchanting establishments in France to their captivating locations across Morocco, North America, Switzerland, and Egypt, the Barrière Group has become synonymous with French luxury and style. Their commitment to providing an elevated guest experience has earned them a loyal following and an impressive 111 years in operation.


Paving the Way for Digital Success

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, the Barrière Group recognizes the importance of a modern digital presence and is committed to providing a seamless guest experience, in which the integration of the customer and employee journeys are key to success. With this in mind, the Barrière leaders have embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation journey with the goal to streamline and personalize the customer experience while simplifying back-office work for their employees across hotels, restaurants, and casinos. This transformation extends to both their B2C and B2B customers, enhancing the overall brand experience.




Overcoming Challenges and Discovering Thynk

As with any transformation, the path to digital success hasn't been without challenges. After relying on a CRM system for 15 years, the Barrière Group found themselves at a crossroads. They found that they had outgrown the system that was initially selected and were now unsuitable for their specific needs, leading them to resort to spreadsheets—a far from ideal solution. However, an unexpected pause in operations caused by the global pandemic provided an opportunity for the Barrière team to reassess their CRM requirements. It was during this critical period that they discovered the Thynk platform that met their needs perfectly. Thynk's flexibility, industry knowledge, and robust database made it a natural choice for the Barrière Group.


A Seamless Transition and Enthusiastic Feedback

True to our commitment to excellence, we at Thynk offered the Barrière Group a trial period to ensure a seamless integration. The Barrière team thoroughly evaluated Thynk, assessing its compatibility with their existing platforms and processes. Fortunately, the feedback from Barrière's teams was overwhelmingly positive. Employees praised Thynk's user-friendly interface and the exceptional responsiveness of its support teams. Thynk empowers Barrière's international team to efficiently manage bookings, enhance customer interactions, and explore new business opportunities.




A Promising Future and Unforgettable Experiences

As the Barrière Group sets its sights on expanding into Tribeca, New York with a new hotel, they are ready to conquer new heights in the hospitality industry. Supported by Thynk's innovative technology and unwavering commitment to exceptional service, the Barrière Group is poised to create unforgettable experiences for their guests, further solidifying their legacy of success. Together, Barrière and Thynk are redefining the art of living and setting new standards in luxury hospitality, leaving an indelible mark on the industry for generations to come.

"We are thrilled to have found Thynk as our digital partner. Their flexible and intuitive CRM solution has transformed our operations, empowering our teams to deliver exceptional guest experiences. With 300 users across various functions and properties, Thynk serves as our core system, generating an impressive 30-40% of our sales. The results speak for themselves, and we are delighted with Thynk's flexibility, customization capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. The transition from our previous system has been seamless, and we are thrilled with the results and excited to continue our partnership with Thynk."

Emmanuelle Anglade

Managing Director at Group Barrière


About Barriere

Since its establishment in 1912 by François André and subsequent development by Lucien Barrière, Diane Barrière-Desseigne, and Dominique Desseigne, the Barrière Group has evolved into the French leader in casinos, a benchmark for luxury hotels, and a global powerhouse in leisure and entertainment. Throughout its rich history, the company has continuously innovated and adapted to technological advancements and cultural changes, ensuring its continued success.

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