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How Thynk’s Modern Tech Stack Enables Agility For Hospitality

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Today’s digital-first customers have higher standards than ever before. They want frictionless transactions, crave personalized experiences, and seek out unique amenities, all while expecting exceptional service from hotel staff. Catering to these new customer preferences, in addition to evolving market conditions, requires agility. However, you may be wondering, what does “agile” mean in the context of hospitality?


For hospitality providers, agility is about adaptability. The agile mindset requires a shift to seeing unexpected changes as opportunities, rather than setbacks. One example of agile hospitality is when the Roxbury Hotel in New York began offering individual and group spa reservations instead of shutting down their spa operations during COVID-19.


Essential to adaptability is providing employees with the support they need to be successful. After a few challenging years, it’s important to empower teams with the right environment, tools, and technology to adapt quickly. To make sound business decisions, employees need access to accurate, real-time data collected from various sources, and stored in an organized way. Incorporating new strategies and technology can enable sales and operations to be more customer-centric and make more data-driven decisions.


That’s where Thynk comes in. We’ve built a platform on top of the best-of-breed CRM, Salesforce, to help hospitality providers simplify and automate sales, processes, and data management. Keeping up with changing customer demands just got easier with technology designed by hoteliers for hotels.

How a modern tech stack can benefit your hotel and give you the agility to succeed

1. Increase operational efficiency

Streamlining your sales processes through automation not only reduces the need for manual labor but enables your employees to spend more time on other important tasks such as customer service or marketing efforts. Thynk’s out-of-the-box solutions are designed specifically to address hospitality use cases, helping you maximize time and valuable people resources. 


2. Scale with your business

Thynk integrates with existing hospitality systems such as property management systems (PMSs) and point of sales (POS) solutions, making it easier for hotels to manage operations, market to customers, create contracts, bundle services, and invoice—without disruption to services or the user experience. By integrating with your systems of record, support multiple business needs such as lead management, account management, and contact management with the scalability to grow and adapt over time. 


3. Improve decision-making

Get centralized knowledge of multi-property data points such as guest information, company details, sales activities and campaigns, leads, proposals and contracts, and financials with drag-and-drop reporting and data analytics tools. Budgeting and forecasting capabilities can help you gain strategic control, enabling smarter decisions in territory management. Quickly make informed decisions about marketing campaigns or pricing strategies based on current market trends with timely customer data.


4. Break down data silos

Break down silos between teams by unifying data from your systems of record such as PMSs and POSs, and drive consistency among teams and across properties. Centralized information and standardized processes drive internal alignment, helping employees deliver great service to customers. 


Re:Thynk Hospitality Technology

In today’s digital age, agility is key for hospitality providers to keep up with the evolving market conditions and changing customer demands. Thynk’s modern tech stack, built on top of the best-of-breed CRM Salesforce, offers a solution to help hotels simplify and automate sales, processes, and data management. By leveraging Thynk and the power of Salesforce, hospitality providers can increase operational efficiency, scale their business, improve decision-making, and break down silos between teams. With fast and easy deployment, you'll be able to get up and running quickly and have the flexibility to make adjustments as your business scales over time. With fast and easy deployment, Thynk enables hotels to adapt quickly and remain competitive in the industry. So why not request a disovery call today to see how Thynk can help your business be more agile?

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