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 Next Gen Hospitality powered by Salesforce

Instant Booking Engine

Our smart Groups & Events Booking Engine, Thynk Direct, will revolutionize how you book groups and events.
Boost your hotel's revenue and cut costs by simplifying your site's group reservations and meetings.

Secure instant bookings with ease, enhancing efficiency and profitability.

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How can Thynk Direct help your hotels?

Convert Enquiries into Real Business 

Simplify your hotel's group and event bookings

Easily manage direct bookings and inquiries, allowing customization for lead time, group size, and availability. Through this customization and parameters, you can influence the behavior of the booking engine based on real-time data. Thynk Direct supports multiple properties and maintains your brand standards, enhancing your hotel's efficiency and empowering your hotel to thrive in the digital age.


Create efficiency for your team

With Thynk direct you can fully automate simple booking requests with instant book, generating direct revenues. More complex requests are routed to your (central) sales office with all the data already setup in your system. This way you create efficiency for your staff by eliminating data entry and give them more time to add true additional value.

Meeting rooms

Experience the ease of booking meeting spaces. Whether it's for a single day or an extended period, our platform empowers your customers to effortlessly reserve meeting rooms, complete with packages and additional items. Need catering, AV equipment, or special amenities? No problem – simply add them to your booking with a few clicks. 

Group blocks

Elevate your group bookings with Thynk Direct's seamless room block management feature. Whether your customers want to make reservations for a single night or an extended stay, our platform empowers you to effortlessly secure room blocks. Stay in control by influencing the behavior of the engine due to configurations

Thynk Pay

Introducing Thynk Pay, the integrated payment gateway of Thynk Direct. With Thynk Pay, instant bookings are seamlessly processed and paid for at checkout, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both you and your guests. Customize your accepted payment methods to suit your preferences and streamline the payment process. Rest assured, bookings made through Thynk Direct using Thynk Pay are automatically confirmed within Thynk, with payment statuses updated in real-time. Experience hassle-free transactions and enhanced booking management with Thynk Pay.

Thynk is the go-to choice for hospitality companies across the globe

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Discover the key features of Thynk Direct

Features of our Instant Booking Engine

Our Products

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Thynk Platform
Hospitality CRM
Contract Sales
Groups & Events
Reporting & Analytics
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Thynk Platform

Transform your hotel and venue management using the power of Salesforce, the premier CRM platform. This solution is crafted specifically for your industry, offering simplicity and robust security features.

Unify your data within one comprehensive system, allowing for enhanced portfolio management at a click. This integration boosts efficiency and automates key tasks.

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Hospitality CRM

Leverage Salesforce, the world's leading CRM to elevate your teams and deliver consistent and efficient processes.

Ensure your guests have a seamless experience by giving more time to your teams to care for guests and deliver communication that reflects your brand.

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Contract Sales

Boost your direct sales and increase MarginPAR while build stronger relationships that expand your customer lifetime value by always exceeding expectations.

Enhance team efficiency and profitability by automating routine tasks, allowing your sales force to concentrate on high-margin offerings.

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Groups & Events

Optimize your operational workflow to maximize profits per square meter, using your existing spaces and services more effectively.

Quickly create custom proposals for any sales scenario with our efficient RFP response system.

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Reporting & Analytics

Gain immediate insights into your business with our centralized, real-time data management system.

Merge your PMS & POS data into one platform, and make informed decisions using our clean, actionable Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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Enable your systems to work together efficiently, elevating productivity and leading to enhanced data consistency.

Our solution merges all your data into a singular, efficient ecosystem, seamlessly integrating PMS & POS systems to eliminate data compartmentalization.

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