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How Can the Right CRM Help Hotels Make a Difference?

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It has been a difficult time for the hospitality industry but fortunately, the positive outlook based on surveys reveals that nearly two-thirds of passengers intend to fly again in the next year.  

As the hotel industry is increasingly dependent on providing excellent customer service, your hotel needs to be ready to provide this service to have your customers coming back, in turn increasing sales. The right CRM can help you do this.

What is a Hotel CRM?

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. A Hotel CRM is designed to help you manage your hotel guest journey and streamline your processes across all your teams from sales, marketing, events, reservations, and finance in one centralized system.

CRMs are now the largest software market in the U.S. with an estimated revenue of over $80 billion by 2025. The reason for its increase in popularity is due to the huge advantages it can create in your business.

By providing an efficient and personalized guest experience, you are using every opportunity to gain repeat customers. Repeat guests spend on average 67% more and have cheaper acquisition costs.

How Can a Hospitality CRM Help Your Hotel?

14 Benefits of a Hotel CRM

1. Find new customers

By creating a database of interactions with leads and designing targeted marketing campaigns for them.

2. Increase guest satisfaction

A CRM personalizes guest experiences, so they get what they want when they want it. Better guest satisfaction results in repeat business, loyalty, and positive feedback, encouraging others to use your service and an overall increase in sales.

3. Personalized experience

Provide your customers with a smooth journey through your sales funnel. From start to finish the CRM helps you with every opportunity to ensure the customer has a good experience and comes back.

4. Increase engagement rates

Through personalized email communication.

5. Marketing automation and email tracking

This can help you create engaging content for your audience. Introducing loyalty programs to encourage customers to repeat purchases from you and personalization are two ways to help your email campaigns. Emails still give the biggest return on investment making them a smart marketing tactic.

6. Reservation

Get an overview of all your reservations, giving potential customers up-to-date information on your rooms and prices making it easier for them to book.

7. Monitor

You and your customers can monitor room occupancies to save time and avoid errors like overbooking, so you can get quick real-time information about room vacancies and other key hotel facilities.

8. In-depth analytics

This will help you to see what your customers or potential customers respond to most. Improving how you target each of your audience segments will help turn your audience into customers. You can see at a glance what is working and what is not in your business to react quickly.

9. Integration

All your services are centralized in one place to manage both customers and employees, saving you time, money, and stress. Enable individual and customizable guest profiles, so you can personalize the service delivered to them. Plus, it integrates with other business apps and systems such as PMS, accounting systems, and document sharing, so you have all your tools in one place, saving you time and money.

10. Tracking

Track leads by gathering information on potential customers will help you send follow-up emails and other marketing tactics to convert them to make a purchase. As well as, tracking what is said online about your business and providing you with the tools to respond.

11. Customized reports

Get the information you need to make quick decisions and save the most important ones to save time.

12. Staff

CRMs aren’t just about your customers. Staff can give feedback and you can reward employees who perform well, which increases motivation, loyalty, and productivity.

13. Grow your business

Your CRM can be flexible to suit your business, so there is room to grow.

14. Work anywhere

A cloud-based system enables you to work anywhere, which proves its importance during times like the pandemic.

What Software is Right for Your Hotel?

Thynk.Cloud’s Solution

We believe that Thynk is an agile sales and operations solution that can provide hotels with all your needs as explained here and in our previous blog.  It is powered by Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, so you can leverage Salesforce agility to improve your processes and automation in a short period of implementation time.

A Solution Powered by Salesforce

Salesforce is the Number 1 Leading CRM in the world.  It is an award-winning and proven system that is used globally by over 150,000 companies.  

1. Cloud-Based

  • You can access your system anywhere so you can respond quickly to issues, as well as, use your sales time as efficiently as possible by booking anywhere, anytime.  

2. Centralized System

  • Thynk provides a centralized system incorporating sales, and guest profiles to include customer information.
  • Your marketing team can trigger automated multi-channel journeys based on templates. This helps you target your guests at the right time to increase your sales.

3. Hospitality Specific Tools

AppExchange is the world’s leading marketplace for business applications that are already customized for Salesforce users, with many applications aimed at the hospitality industry. This gives you added flexibility to add more applications as needed for hotel management, restaurant and property management, booking engines, etc. It is user-friendly and customizable to your business, enabling you to create unique offers for your guests.

4. Integration Opportunities

  • Thynk offers integration opportunities to hospitality applications that allow you to integrate third-party solutions.

5. Collaboration

  • Thynk allows you to track conversations, notes, and contact information and collaborate with your teams to provide better customer service.
  • Your sales team can make notes from communication with guests, which the marketing team can use to target individuals for specific campaigns.

6. Community Support

  • There are 150,000 companies globally using Salesforce. Using Thynk, you join a large global community where you can ask questions to Salesforce and other users online.
  • The partner ecosystem provides customers with all the support they need to implement and manage their CRM.

7. Constantly Updating

Salesforce is always looking for new and creative ways to improve its products and services, like bot technology and AI. When you use Thynk, you have cutting-edge Salesforce technology that will evolve with you.

8. Implementation

  • With traditional CRMs, it can take more than a year to deploy, which is not the case with Salesforce.
  • Thynk smartly leverages the power of Salesforce to implement the solution quicker than other traditional CRMs, with no risk or cost of integration.


The hospitality industry has evolved dramatically over the last year, so it is only logical that you choose an agile hotel sales, marketing, and operational solution to help you move forward.

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